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In working with church staff and leaders, by far the number one topic of concern is how to engage and pass on the faith to our youth. The Lewis Center for Church Leadership has an amazing set of online resources under the general banner of 50 Ways. Each of the documents covers a topic relevant to church staff and leaders. Today we are featuring the document 50 Ways to Strengthen Ministry with Youth.

Here are the sub-categories with a brief sampling of their wisdom:

  • Honor the Spirituality of Youth – “understand young persons as participants in ministry, not objects of ministry.”
  • Equip parents to Nurture their Children’s Faith – “Provide resources for practicing and discussing faith at home …”
  • Get Real with Christian Education for Youth – “ask if your … curriculum is seriously addressing the questions kids are really asking.
  • Provide Excellent Adult Leadership for Youth Activities  “Provide training for youth teachers and leaders, especially on discussion and listening skills.”
  • Make Worship Meaningful for Young Persons – “Give youth meaningful and visible roles as worship participants.
  • Create a Sense of Belonging for Youth – “Youth ministry is about relationships. Relationships are more important than programs. Young persons are seeking a sense of belonging.”
  • Cultivate Competence in Youth – “Give youth real responsibilities.”
  • Strive for Effective Youth Fellowship – “Involve the youth in planning all their activities.”

The full document contains 50 action steps that can positively impact your youth ministry efforts. This document can be used by church staff and leaders in many ways including:

  1. A framework of key best-practice outcomes that can be used to evaluate the current state of your youth ministry.
  2. A set of 50 ideas that can inspire fresh thought and creativity in the development of your youth ministry activity.
  3. A preparation document for focus groups of youth ministry leaders, staff, parents or youth.
  4. A rich source of language and concepts that can be used to communicate a deeper understanding of the reality of youth ministry today.


I know you will find this document informative and relevant to your role in youth ministry.

The Center for Parish Leadership is available to assist you with your planning efforts. Please contact us to discuss how we can work with your staff and leaders to develop effective ministry planning practices. If you would like to read previous Weekly Research Updates, you will find them on our website blog.



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