The Center for Parish Leadership
Equipping Catholic Leaders ~
Believing in Strong Parishes
The Center for Parish Leadership
         Offers Key Parish Leader Support
                   to Pastors, Staff & Parish Leaders

Parishes have to
help people fall in
love again with
church - not as
an Institution, but
as a living
community of
faith. - Mary Testin
Through a collaborative
planning process, we  
help you discover your
Mission and the
governance structure
that will enable you to
achieve your ministry

We work with you to
in leadership
skills and best practices
that support effective
ministry formation,
planning, and
We provide or help you
design unique spiritual
growth opportunities
retreats, days of
, etc.)  for your
church leaders that will
nourish their  life-long
faith journey.
We present periodic
leadership gatherings
that present effective
best-practices and
allow participants to
collaborate on key
issues facing your
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Leader's Library
Book Review
Good news Parish Leadership
by Michael L. Papesh

This book provides a practical
knowledge base that is an effective
resource for today's parish staff and
leadership. It is an easy read that offers
examples and guidelines for parish
operations. It would make a great study
guide for parish staff and leaders in
today's modern parish environment.
? The Right Question ?
As you explore how others
see your parish, ask this

"Are we using our
communications to clarify
our identity (mission, core
values, brand) or are we
letting others define who
we are?"
Equipping Catholic Leaders ~
Believing in Strong Parishes
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